Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Best Friend Samson

I can't understand cruelty.  As a child, I was abused and what I remember now, I say " Wow, that made me not understand me and hender me from knowing who I was.  Well, this isn't really about me, but about someone that has been apart me since 1996.  I admire, cherish, love, well, actually in love with this someone.
I can't really see my life without him.  

When I cry, laugh, hurt, he has been there for me, with his big brown eyes.  Looking at me as if he knows exactly what I'm going though.  The reason I want you or anyone to know about this someone is because on August 2, 2010, I was told he has cancer.

Well, I have a part time job, and my husband isn't working at this time and we are really just making it, but, because my husband understands how important my best is to me.  We got up enough money to take him to the doctor and we were told that he only had a couple of day and that he was blind he right eye.  I cried all the way home.
That night my best friend was spitting up blood, couldn't breath, couldn't hardly get up.  My husband, did not leave his side.  Made sure he was able to use the bathroom, fed him, made sure he had plenty of water.

On Thursday, August 4, my husband prayed and laid his hands on him and cried and prayed some more
This was at 3:15 a.m.  This was exactly two days after leaving the doctors office.  My best is now walking,
eating, and looking at me as if nothing in the world was ever wrong.   Thank you God, Thank you for answering prays. 

Today,  is Aug. 10 and my best friend, Samson, is strong and still living as if there is no tomorrow.  If I would
have listen to the doctor our DOG , Samson would have been put down that day, if we would have the money.  So, sometimes, its best not to always have money.  HAHAHA.  Just something to think about.

Yes, our Dog.  the reason I mention crulety is because, there is no way I would mistreat someone, yes, even an animal, ( some people don't think animals are or could be called, " someone"). the abuse that I went thought as child, I still have to shake myself and know that it was'nt my fault.  So, can you imagine a animal, that can't really defend himself from someone that his heartless, mean, nasty, that doesn't care for themselves
or anyone.  So,  when your  dog barks, or is waning, or just wants you pay attention do so, they need love too.

Sam is very sick, he still has cancer and I know without our love for him, he might already be gone.  I have taken care of this dog for fifteen years and every day that I get to see him running, playing, or just laying around, I love him even more.  If, Sam could talk he would have stories to tell, that would amaze the world.

We have not had the money to take him back to the doctor, so we pray and make sure that he is as comfortable as possible and  that he enjoyes what every days he has left.  I thank God for my husband, because without him and his belief in God, he might not have the patience to attend to our Sam.  But, he did
and I thank him for it.

If you know of someone that abusing animals, report them, please.  It hurts my heart to know that we call our selves humans and can destory something that can make us all better humans.